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Employer Newsletter Feb 2023

Published 20 Feb 2023
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Back To Work Grants Now Available for Auckland

The Government has announced that a series of Grants are now available for Auckland's small business community. Grant Robertson, Finance Minister, recently announced a $5 million package of emergency support to help businesses significantly affected by the recent flooding in Auckland....full story

Business Interruption with Natural disasters. Who Pays?

Following the devastating floods across NZ, after ascertaining the safety of people, the question on many business owner's lips is do they have to pay staff whilst being unable to operate the business? As usual, the answer is not exactly straight forwards.
...full story

Minimum Wage To Jump Again

Chris Hipkins has announced the new adult minimum hourly rate will rise by $1.50 to become $22.70 per hour from April 1 2023.  The new Prime Minister giving assurances this rise will have a negligible effect on inflation....full story

Bulk eSign Policies

Through the eSigning platform you now have the ability to electronically send your documents to all staff and get them to acknowledge and accept the document. ...full story