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Minimum Wage To Jump Again

Published 20 Feb 2023

The Government has announced they will increase minimum wage once again.
Chris Hipkins has announced the new adult minimum hourly rate will rise by $1.50 to become $22.70 per hour from April 1, 2023. The new rise this time, only to keep up with inflation at 7% rather than the historic increases being double the CPI rate we've seen in recent years. The new Prime Minister giving assurances this rise will have a negligible effect on inflation.

In the usual way, the starting out rate and training rates are 80% of the Adult minimum rate thus will be $18.16.

You would be forgiven to think that the minimum wage rate has ballooned in recent years. April 1st, 2017 saw a rate of $15.75. That's a whopping 44% increase in the last 6 years.

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