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Bulk eSign Policies

Published 20 Feb 2023

The latest updates to the Employers Toolbox include a new feature extending the flexibility of the eSigning platform.

Through the eSigning platform you now have the ability to electronically send your documents to all staff and get them to acknowledge and accept the document. On top of the obvious benefits of doing all that online quickly and easily, it also serves as proof that this did take place if challenged in the future.

Typical documents you might choose to be distributed this way could be; policies and updates, training records, memorandums of understanding.

Currently there are two places from where you can use this facility:

  • From Uploaded Documents under eSign Documents on the Dashboard
  • From Uploaded Staff Documents in a staff member's documents.

Only PDF (.pdf) and Word (.docx) files can be signed this way. Both file formats will be converted to secure PDFs during the signing process.

The below example demonstrates signing a document uploaded to eSign Documents on the Dashboard.

Once you have uploaded your document you will notice the eSign icon on the right hand end of your document's row in the list. Click this to start the process.

You are prompted to select either to 'eSign' or 'Accept'. The 'eSign' option is the traditional process with both parties signing off, the 'Accept' option is this new feature.

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Clicking 'Accept' will then prompt the user to select which staff to send this document to.

Note that if you start this process from a staff member's document (ie. on their record) you can only send to that staff member. To send to multiple or all staff you have to upload your document to the eSign documents on the Dashboard.

All staff loaded on your Toolbox will then appear in a list for your selection. Based on your staff settings either their work email addresses or personal email addresses will be selected by default, but will allow you to select between the two.

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Following your selection of the relevant staff you have the opportunity to modify and customise the outgoing email requesting them to review the document. This email will also adopt your personal email template based on your email settings.

Once confirmed all staff get sent an individual email with their own unique URL to review, download and sign the document. Each document sent out appears in its own right in your eSigning portal on the Dashboard until signed off by the staff member.

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Once signed, the document will automatically appear in the respective staff member's document page.