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Employers Newsletter March 2022

Published 24 Mar 2022
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Changes to the Protection Framework

The Government has announced changes to take place under the 'Red Light' level of the COVID-19 Protection Framework.
Following an announcement on the morning of the 23rd March 2022 rather than downgrade to the Orange level it felt more appropriate to change the Red level restrictions under the circumstances.
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The sick and the Isolating

Staff catching COVID-19 or becoming a household contact and having to isolate is probably the biggest challenge for businesses currently. Not many businesses remain unaffected. A timely reminder of some rules and options.

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Visitor Portal App Update

Visitor Portal
The Visitor Portal web app has a new feature; custom check boxes. Customise the checks you ask your visitors.

The Visitor Portal as part of the Employers Toolbox now has the functionality to allow you to create your own customised check boxes to present to your visitors.
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