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Changes to the Protection Framework

Published 24 Mar 2022

The Government has announced changes to take place under the 'Red Light' level of the COVID-19 Protection Framework.
Following an announcement on the morning of the 23rd March 2022 rather than downgrade to the Orange level it felt more appropriate to change the Red level restrictions under the circumstances.
They are scrapping the limit on outdoor gatherings from Friday 25th March and also number of people allowed to gather inside increases from 100 to 200.
Vaccine passes will no longer be required to be used from 11.59pm on Monday April 4. The Government is also ending the controversial vaccine mandates in education, police or Defence Force workers and those workplaces using them from April 4.

So the My Vaccine Pass which came into force on Dec 3rd 2021 will cease to be required on April 4th 2022 to access certain events and venues like hospitality and close-proximity businesses such as hairdressers and gyms, and sports.

However, such venues and businesses can still opt to keep using the My Vaccine Pass if they see fit to. The Government have stressed that this action is appropriate for the circumstances as current presented. This could therefore change again in the future.

The Government go on to stress you shouldn't be removing the My Vaccine Pass from your phone, it will still be used and be updated in due course to accommodate the roll out of the current and future booster vaccinations against COVID-19. Currently all My Vaccine Pass certificates expire 6 months from issue or June 1st 2022, whichever came sooner, however this will be addressed.


New Protection Framework graphic
Source: NZ Government