Employing Staff

important factors to consider

How to Employ Staff

The exposure today's Employers are facing in regard to unjustified dismissals and other grievances brought by employees is proving costly. Recent legislative changes make it important for employers to use correct procedures. If the real costs are taken into account, i.e. the time spent on defence preparation, professional advice, dealing with the complaint and damages awarded by courts, the figure is surprisingly high, and this does not take into account the emotional stress these complaints force employers to endure.

When businesses need to employ someone it is usually to replace a staff member who has left or is leaving or because of expansion. The situation is nearly always urgent. Given this then, being prepared makes the process so much quicker and far more effective.

If a business isn't prepared, then the task of employing someone is tiresome, slower than it should be, much more expensive and of course fraught with danger.

There are four critical factors involved in avoiding disputes, grievances and other employment-related difficulties and they are:
  • selecting the right employee in the first place, and
  • excellent, open, honest, regular and frequent communications, and
  • originating and negotiating the right Employment Contract, and
  • writing sound Job Descriptions and training staff in the tasks.
It will be of assistance to business owners to recognise there are very few 'experts' to be hired. The solution to problems that the average business owner runs into can be solved by creating an 'expert system'.

Once an expert system is created, ordinary people can be trained in the system and they will behave like the expert the business owner wants them to.

Employing the right staff falls into this category. We provide guidelines as a system that will allow business owners to minimise the risks of employing the wrong staff and also being disappointed in the performance of the employee. Most employees want to perform the tasks well and to please. Most employers do not allow them to through a lack of systems and staff training in the systems.

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