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eSign your documents with the Employers Toolbox

Published 05 Aug 2018

Employers Assistance members are able to electronically sign Employment Agreements in the Employers Toolbox. This functionality has now been extended to allow users to also get their own documents eSigned.

Go paper-free, no more printing and mailing forms, no more losing signed documents. Do it all quickly, efficiently and securely online with the Employers Toolbox.

You can now upload your own documents, add your required parties, send email invites and get the whole process managed and completed online with the Employers Toolbox.

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The only constraint is that your documents have to be in PDF format. PDFs are now natively supported in Microsoft Windows, simply print your document to PDF.  Once uploaded to the Toolbox you may then add as many parties as needed to the document. The document gets digitally signed by the Employers Toolbox, and secure, time limited, unique invites get emailed out to the parties for electronic signing. Upon completion the same document has the signatures appended, distributed to all parties and securely stored in your Toolbox account.

As usual you have unlimited document storage space for this type of document in your Employers Toolbox account and this functionality is available now from the Dashboard.