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Fire drills

Published 10 Jul 2016

Businesses have a legal responsibility to have emergency procedures in place and one of the most common emergencies is fire.

A fire procedure is only as good as the staff's familiarity with it. Fire drills are necessary.

Fire procedures need to be carefully considered for the businesses individual needs and the following should be taken into consideration;
  • How to raise an alarm
  • Who are the fire wardens
  • Where are the assembly points
  • Where's the staff list
  • Building assistance register
  • Utility shut offs
  • Fire control doors
  • Important phone numbers
  • Who is trained in First Aid
  • Emergency supplies (extinguishers, first aid)

Like any risk assessment your fire evacuation procedure should be practiced and reviewed regularly. It is also important to document this review process as you may be required to prove you have done so after an incident.

The 'Emergency Drills' section in the Employers Toolbox Health & Safety module provides a comprehensive framework to manage your drills and a template for fire evacuations. The system will also send email reminders when your next drill is due. Health & Safety is an add-on to the Employers Toolbox and is available at a discounted rate to members.

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