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Newletter July 2016

Published 10 Jul 2016
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Parental Leave Payment Changes

From 1 July 2016 the maximum rate of paid parental leave for eligible employees and self-employed parents will increase from $516 to $527 gross per week. It is important that employers are aware of this increase so they can correctly advise their employees as to their parental leave entitlements. 

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Fire drills

Businesses have a legal responsibility to have emergency procedures in place and one of the most common emergencies is fire. A fire procedure is only as good as the staff's familiarity with it. Fire drills are necessary. Fire procedures need to be carefully considered for the businesses individual needs and the following should be taken into consideration

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Employment Contracts Creator upgrade

A new version of the ECC has been developed following changes in legislation, case law and best practices. Our in-house legal team has modified our Individual Employment Agreements to accommodate these changes and provide the best protection for business owners. Changes following the Health & Safety At Work (2015) Act are incorporated, along with our recommended clauses subsequent to the Employment Standards Bill in 2016....full story

Part Day Sick Leave

The Holidays Act 2003 describes the sick leave entitlement in terms of days, and does not make provision for dividing it into smaller units, such as part days or hours. This means that if an employee works for part of the day and then goes home sick, this will be counted as using a whole day of sick leave, no matter how much of the day the employee has worked prior to going home. However...full story

The Great Exit

As Great Britain prepares to exit the European Union many are asking: What went wrong? Why did they leave? How can we stop others from leaving?  Likewise, employers should make the same inquiries into any employee’s resignation.

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