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The Great Exit

Published 10 Jul 2016

As Great Britain prepares to exit the European Union many are asking: What went wrong? Why did they leave? How can we stop others from leaving?  Likewise, employers should make the same inquiries into any employee’s resignation.

When employees leave it is important to undertake exit interviews and find out either what went wrong or in which areas the employees’ needs were not being met. Employers are then able to identify the areas that they can improve to help retain other staff e.g. relationships with managers/other employees, pay perceptions, flexible hours and career development.

One of the reasons for identifying the problem areas is that the cost of replacing staff is so high – administration costs, executive time in preparation, interviewing, selecting and writing to all applicants, induction and training new employees. Costs can often amount to one year’s wages.

If we can identify areas that are possible to address and thereby keep good employees, it will save considerable amounts of money and make the business a more pleasant place to work and consequently more successful.

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