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Smiths City going for living wage

Published 11 Sep 2018

Christchurch based Smiths City Group has recently been in the spotlight for being ordered to back pay 6 years worth of 'unpaid' pre-work meetings to sales staff, costing an estimated $1.5M.

However, in celebrating their 100th anniversary last month they have new initiatives to win back the support and loyalty of their 591 staff and have committed to give all staff an extra day of annual leave this calendar year, and to ensure all staff are earning at least the living wage from October this year.

The living wage is currently calculated to be $20.55 per hour, or $42,744 per annum, by the New Zealand Family Centre Social Policy Unit.

CEO Roy Campbell is quoted saying "We want our staff to be enthusiastic and excited about their work; to feel that they are benefitting personally from working at Smiths City, and that they are learning new skills and gaining the experience to develop an enduring and prosperous career with the organisation and in the retail sector...Fundamental to the development of this culture is paying Smiths City people fairly for a fair day’s work"