Paternity Leave Law

the employment law behind paternity leave

Paternity and Maternity Leave

Often referred to as Parental leave, Maternity and Paternity leave; there are extensive guidelines and rules.

We have publications which cover this topic in-depth;  "Annual Holidays and Leave" and "Parental Leave". These are electronic publications which can be purchased and downloaded immediately.

The publications deal with the four types of leave employees can apply for:
  • Maternity Leave 
  • Paternity Leave / Partner's Leave
  • Extended Leave 
  • Special Leave 
Maternity leave is applied for by both females and males and has individual criteria employees must meet to qualify. Paternity Leave is leave applied for by males who intend to care for a child under 6 years of age and Extended Leave is for both male & female applicants and attracts different criteria again to claim.

Applicants who intend to assume the care of a child under 6 years of age may be entitled to take Extended Leave.

Special Leave provides females with the right to apply to apply for anti-natal treatment. This is prior to maternity leave.